Cafe Broadway

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Cafe Broadway is located at the former Hing Lung Restaurant. The cafe has a wonderful reputation for their rice porridge, jook.

Using the former restaurant foundation as its base, Cafe Broadway remodeled the entire interior. Now it is an upscale and spacious setting, especially compared to neighboring restaurants in Chinatown. The service is always friendly and efficient, and you can inquire about special requests or concerns for your food.

In addition to their famous dish, jook, Cafe Broadway has become a popular local dim sum place, both for locals and visitors. The restaurant has a wonderful combination of savory and sweet items to ensure that they satisfy your cravings. Some of their popular savory items include seafood porridge, steamed egg custard with clams, beef chow fun, garlic and pepper chicken wing, crispy skin pork. And some favorite sweet items include a Chinese donut with a rice crepe and HK milk tea.