Anime Pop

Toy shop offering anime- and manga-themed merchandise.

TLC Optical Co.

Family-operated optical lab providing custom orders for both designer and bargain frames sure to fit in any price range.

Yu Fung Company

Small storefront specializing in dried seafood, wild ginseng, and other health supplements.

Little Paris

Legacy Vietnamese cafe famous for its fresh to-go Vietnamese sandwiches, beef rice noodles, and Vietnamese coffee.

Chung Chou City

Specialty market with an extensive selection of dried seafood, dried mushroom, ginseng, and medicinal products.

Ho Ying Heng

Successor of the famous Orthopedics master Zhu Lin Ho, an expert in Orthopedics and Traumatology.

Ten Ren Tea

Famous Taiwanese chain store that specializes in in fine teas and ginseng.

Tartas’ Secret

Women’s boutique that offers undergarments. Also offers a beauty salon every Thursday.


  • 733 Grant Ave, San Francisco, California 94108

Jen’s Gems

Gem store that offers various selections of fine jewelry since 1998.

Hunan Home’s Restaurant

Long-standing family-operated spot offering savory Chinese cooking in a no-frills setting with booth & table seating.

Krystal Rock

  • 515 Grant Ave, San Francisco, California 94108