Wycen Foods

Taste the difference with Wycen Foods premium Chinese-style sausages and dried cured meats! As one of the first Chinese sausage makers on the West Coast, generations of families have been flocking to their stores since 1948 to infuse Wycen’s traditionally-prepared sausages and meats into their dishes.

Wycen Foods’ Chung Fat brand was created in 1948, located on the famous Grant Avenue in the heart of San Francisco’s historic Chinatown. Their flagship store has been around for more than 65 years, providing the high-quality delicacies to generations of families and professional chefs alike. Their specialty is making fresh lap cheong, or Chinese sausage, using only premium cuts of meat to prepare their tasty sausages. They continue to use the same traditional recipe for lap cheong, made from their exclusive blend of spices and seasonings. People travel from all over the world for their fresh sausages because the quality is simply unmatched. In addition to lap cheong, they also offer a wide selection of cured meats and frozen wonton.

You can also place mail orders on their website if you live outside the Bay Area and have a craving for these traditional delicacies.