Wen Sang Jade

Only one block away from the hustle and bustle of Grant Ave, Wen Sang Jade sits quietly on Wentworth St, close to the Jackson side. It is a low-profile store has specialized in Burmese jade for over 23 years.

Burmese jade, better known as jadeite, is usually called “king of jade.” In comparison to Chinese jade, which is softer with an oily luster, jadeite is higher in the hardness and refractive index, so it looks fresh, bright, and mild at the same time.

In the store you can find various kinds of jade artwork, bracelets, pendants, figurines, and much more! There is a whole wall of Chinese zodiac jade pendants, where you can find your own guardian. Mr. Mai’s whole family is running jade businesses across the world. All of the artwork sold here are hand-carved from raw jade stone and guaranteed with authenticity and quality.

Also, jadeite is a non-renewable resource so it has great collective value. If you are looking for the real deal, check this place out. Or just stop by to simply appreciate the “king of jade!”