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Established in 1924 by the Lee family, Eastern Bakery is the oldest Chinese bakery in Chinatown. Current owner Mr. Kuan proudly points out that it’s been around “before the Great Depression, the Bay Bridge, the World War II, etc…” He and his family took over this store and have kept the classic recipes going since 1985.

The decorations and Chinese-style eave attest to the bakery’s long history. The bright red and yellow colors pop out from Grant Ave, making it a popular spot for tourists. People line up for some smaller bites before diving into a big meal. Their menu is expansive, so do not be shy if you have any questions!

They are famous for freshly baked mooncakes that can be delivered everywhere in the States all year round. Mr. Kuan says,  “All the paste is handmade and naturally flavored, so the taste is kept the same!”

Coffee crunch cake, a revered San Francisco classic perfected here with a little twist, is another big seller. Let the yellow sponge cake with coffee whipped cream melt in your mouth as toffee crumbles sparkle and complete this tasty experience.

Don’t forget their smackles! Known as Cow’s Ear Cookie in Chinese, these are lightly flavored crispy cookies that are a little salty and sweet. Packed in small bag, they make for a great souvenir.