Ho Ying Heng

Master Zhulin Ho is famous for his expertise in orthopedics and traumatology. He is the founder of the ten schools of oethopedics in modern China, Lingnan school. Mr. Yingheng Ho is master Zhulin Ho’s son, as well as his successor. He is also an expert in Orthopedics and Traumatology.

In old time China, medical skills, medicine, and martial arts skills were inseparable for martial arts experts. And Mr. Zhulin Ho achieves high attainment in every aspect of them. Unlike the contemporary martial art legend Feihong Huang, known for his shadowless kick, master Ho is more popular for his medical skills. People are fond of talking about how a man whose abdomen and guts were cut through, but was saved by master Ho.

Another highlight of the Lingnan school orthopedics and traumatology department is the family practice of medicine, which is conducive to the improvement of teaching clinical experience and techniques.