InterTrips, known as Wenjing in Chinese, is an online travel agency specializing in trips to Asia and beyond. Since 2002, InterTrips has been committed to bringing the best sceneries in the world to customers’ doorsteps. They are passionate travelers, enthusiastic about showing the world, and present the most authentic travel experiences to the customers.

When you are booking and travelling with InterTrips, you are choosing a strong, reliable tour operator with a commitment to providing the best quality travel packages, featuring a high level of expertise with regards to the rich Asian history and lifestyle, authentic local food, hotels, excursions, cruises, and whatever other requests their customers may have.

With over 15 years of industry experience, InterTrips offers first class tour packages including independent travel itineraries, customized individual and group travel, coach bus escorted tours, locally hosted leisure packages, and river and ocean cruise packages all around Asia.