Magical Ice Cream

Magical Ice Cream specializes in Thai rolled ice cream, also known as stir-fried ice cream, a cool new trend in Asian sweets. You will be amazed as your server pours the liquid ice cream base onto a frozen pan, then watch as it is mixed, chopped, spread, and rolled!

Not only this new phenomenon of ice cream delight made right in front of you, but you can also catch a nostalgic Gold Rush show right in Chinatown. Their signature ice cream, Gold Rush, is a milk-based chocolate liquid spread into circles and dressed with whipped cream and real gold. Yes! These FDA-approved 24-karat gold flakes and sprinkles are edible pure 100% gold. It tastes amazing when dipped into the well-balanced chocolate milk ice cream.

Besides chocolate, you can choose from strawberry, vanilla & coconut, mango, and many other flavors, with a wide selection of toppings like fresh fruits, jimmies, toasted marshmallow, and more. The staff here is very attentive and friendly, which means you can even customize the flavor of your ice cream during the show.