Mow Lee Shing Kee & Company

As a time-honored brand established in 1856, Mow Lee has a very low-profile storefront. But do not fooled by its humble outward appearance! Inside, this family-operated business is still making the best lap cheong (Cantonese-style Chinese sausage) in the city.

In fact, their lap cheong was featured in SFoodie’s 92 favorite things to eat and drink in San Francisco. Other menu highlights here include their handmade cured meat and preserved duck.

In the 162 years that have passed since its opening, the store has been around through the signing of the Chinese Exclusion Act, California becoming a state, and the advent of refrigeration. But the delicious, earthy flavors of their meat products have not changed. People still flock to the store for their healthy handmade cured meats, which are crafted with a dedication to three big “no”s: no MSG, no pigments, and no preservatives.

Beside the lap cheong, you should not miss their other products to add a little extra something to your home cooking, such as preserved duck, cured meat, and duck wings, just name a few. You can simply stir fry them with rice or eggs, and witness the magic happen. You can also steam them with rice to make the renowned Cantonese clay pot rice. The owner specifically suggests that you wait until the rice water is almost completely absorbed, then throw the meat inside and mix, otherwise it will be overcooked.

The business is located on Commercial St, near Grant Ave, and at the intersection of the famous Eastern Bakery. The business opens from 10 am – 6 pm every day and is cash only.