New Sun Hong Kong Restaurant

  • NewSun

It is impossible to miss New Sun Hong Kong Restaurant when you are in Chinatown! The old-fashioned building has a wall mural taking up an entire wall. This mural will lead you to the delicious eats at the restaurant. They are also next door to the famous City Light Bookstore in San Francisco. Eat a great meal before you go browse the walls of books.

New Sun Hong Kong sits on the corner of Columbus and Broadway. Inside, there is a spacious restaurant that is inviting to large groups. The restaurant serves a wonderful mix of authentic Chinese food as well as Chinese-American food. Some of the most popular items include mu shu pork, lo mein, hot and sour soup, and more.

The service is always friendly and quick at New Sun Hong Kong. They also make sure to stay open late for the night owls! They are open until 3 am which makes it an ideal spot after a night out exploring nearby bars!