Tian Tian Market

If you know what you are looking for (many signs are in Chinese only) and are brave enough to push through the crowds, Tian Tian is the place where you can get the most fresh fruits, veggies, and seafood at a bargain price.

This low-profile grocery is like a mini super market. Some of the potential deals you might find include Gala apples at 59 cents per pound, bananas at 69 cents per pound, and oranges for $1.09 per pound. You can’t beat the seafood prices, ranging from cod fish for $7.99 per pound to sea snail for $4.99 per pound. You can also find crabs for $13.99 per pound and lobster for $16.99 per pound, and there are many more deals to be found! They also have various dried food, frozen seafood, and frozen deli offerings like dumplings or fish balls for your choosing.