Two Cranes Tattoo

Tattoo shops can be intimidating to walk into sometimes, but that’s not the case with Two Cranes Tattoo (TCT). This walk-in style tattoo shop sits in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown,  and creates a very welcoming environment for you so that there is no sense of pressure.

“Walk-in style” means that they tattoo everything, and they tattoo it well. From same-day small tattoos, to large scale pieces that require multiple sittings. They believe in providing good quality work at reasonable prices. Although he prefers a soft black and grey style, Nicholas Lee, the owner of TCT, tattoos basically everything. Whether it’s our design or his, he will make sure you are happy with the outcome and bring your idea to life.

They have several other artists in house at different times of the week. You can browse their work on their Instagram @twocranestattoo to get an idea of their style. Schedule an appointment for very elaborate designs, but for everything else feel free to walk on in. You can make an appointment on their website or by calling, today! Don’t hesitate if you have questions, especially from those new to the tattoo industry. The team at TCT is there to set you at ease and keep you informed.