VIP Coffee & Cake Shop

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VIP Coffee & Cake Shop is the go to spot for Hong Kong cafe eaters!

When you walk in you will find many seniors enjoying the restaurant, so you know that you can trust the authenticity! They offer wonderful combination deals for breakfast which draws in customers! They also offer deliciously satisfying salty foods for the late night eaters.

When waiting for your food, enjoy the hustle and bustles of the San Francisco. You can watch residents make their way through Chinatown. VIP Coffee & Cake Shop is an active bakery and cafe! There are many benefits of having both of these within one business. They offer great beverages, pastries and food options.

First, you can start your day with a deliciously sweet breakfast, Hong Kong milk tea and an egg tart. Then after a long day of work or a night out, swing by and enjoy a curry dish, fried chicken, or anything else off their extensive menu.

VIP Coffee & Cake Shop is a great start and end to any day!