Anita Jewelry

Welcome to Anita Jewelry, the ideal partner to trust when celebrating your life’s milestones, from your engagement, promotion, wedding, baby shower, anniversary and beyond. Having served the San Francisco Bay area over 20 years, Anita knows how to highlight your big moments with her delicate selections.

Anita Jewelry specializes in designing and creating custom designed pieces to excite and withstand the test of time. The offerings are marvelous. High-end fresh water or sea water pearls, Burmese jades, and 24-karat gold are artfully made into inspirational bracelets, earrings, pendants, and more from the in-house goldsmiths.

Their services also include jewelry and watch repair, watch battery replacement, custom jewelry design, and ear piercing. They have helped their customers bring broken jewelry back to a whole piece again several times with their innovative designs.

The store is located inside a historical building one block from the San Francisco Chinatown gate, with golden buddhas on a wine red facade that you can’t miss.