Hewen Art

Hewen Art silently sits underground on Commercial St, a cozy, bright, well-equipped studio, where students from all ages come here for various kinds of painting classes.

The owner Hewen Tang fell in love with drawing when he was a little boy. He loves painting and calligraphy, depicting humans and nature. He has long been engaged in outdoor sketching and creation, and his footprints are all over the famous mountains and rivers across China.

After graduating from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, Hewen started to explore the integration of traditional Chinese painting and the western oil painting art. After years of experimentation, his work now is dexterous, vigorous, and powerful with an artistic flair. After he immigrated to the United States in 2005, he established Hewen Art, and continued to pursue mastery of painting art. Meanwhile, Hewen was enthusiastic about public welfare and caring for the community. His personal artworks were selected and donated to city government, organizations, such as Asia Pacific American Community Center, Chinese Newcomers Service Center and Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, just name a few, for charity auction.