Hunan House

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Hunan House is known for their tasty and spicy entrees. They also have the best hot pot in San Francisco Chinatown; however, very few people are aware of this.

This restaurant is a hidden gem! Hot pot is delicious and fun. Hot pot is when you throw in sliced meats and veggies into a simmering pot of broth. You can create any dish that you want by choosing from the different proteins and veggies that you want to cook. Nothing can compete with a delicious hot pot on a chilly San Francisco night with your friends.

At Hunan House, you can try Cantonese style dishes. Spoil yourself with a great variety of seafood or mutton fillets in a herb broth or a spicy broth. Add your favorite proteins, dumplings, and vegetables to your favorite broth. End the night by adding some delicious ramen or sweet potato noodles. You will be so satisfied after this meal. There is a Chinese saying that states “nothing can’t be solved after eating a hot pot, if it is not then eat twice.”

Some of the most popular items at Hunan House include spicy numbing beef ramen, kung pao chicken, sauteed clams, and more!

If you are coming with a large group, you can reserve pricate rooms upstairs. In addition to great hot pot, they have a full karaoke setup that is in the dining area. Come have a relaxing meal while enjoying authentic food. Hunan House has some of the most comfortable seats in town.