Kam Lok Seafood Restaurant

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This old-school Cantonese restaurant offers a massive selection of delicious dishes for a bargain, even compared to Chinatown’s prices. With over 200 dishes on the menu, it might be difficult to choose which dishes to try first at Kam Lok Seafood!

The SF Hung Tao Yee Fun, a thickened egg drop soup with deep fried wonton, is a real San Francisco treat–you can’t miss it! Other strongly recommended items are: Kam Luk Special Chow Fun, Dry Spare Ribs, Black Pepper Beef, BBQ Pork Wonton Soup, and Westlake Beef Soup.

If you come with a group, you should try their set meal menus for a real deal. For instance, for $68 you will be treated to nine mouthwatering dishes, such as beautiful steamed whole fish, stir-fried crab with scallions, bubbling giant oysters, and garlic seasoned dry spareribs, just name a few options.

Kam Lok is a hidden gem in Chinatown, so you might easily miss the stairs down to the restaurant if you overlook their low-profile storefront. Stop by today for an incredible meal!