Jiaxing Good Company

For almost 10 years, Jiaxing Good Company has been serving the local Chinatown community by providing a wide assortment of modern and traditional Chinese products.

They carry lots of essential ingredients used for Chinese herbal drinks, broths, and desserts–notably sea cucumbers, bird’s nest, ginseng, and more! Some of these ingredients are already pre-packaged into convenient portions to be made into sweet herbal teas, whereas other ingredients are sold by the pound for any usage. In addition to herbal and seafood varieties, Jiaxing Good Company carries everyday items such as cough drops, sauces, and honey.

What is super cool about this store is that they sell frozen seafood as well, and offer frozen preparation plus cleaning services for $15 per pound. The owner, Jenny, will help you clean the seafood you buy thoroughly, and package them into portions ready to cook. She then stores it for you in a freezer until it’s ready and convenient for you to pick up! This is perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle but still crave homemade, traditional Chinese dishes.

The store is open from Monday to Saturday, 10AM-5:30PM, and closed on Sundays. They also have street parking available! Stop by when you are in SF Chinatown, you won’t regret it!