Leung’s White Crane Lion and Dragon Association

Leung’s White Crane Lion & Dragon Dance School gives instruction in the White Crane style of the martial arts. It was founded by the Leung brothers, Kuen, Kwan, and Allen, in 1971. The Leung brothers, collectively known as Liang-shih san-chieh, have a life-long devotion to the Lion Dance.

As children, they had to be resourceful by fashioning a lion costume out of a large bamboo woven basket and tying a blanket to it. They would perform the Lion Dance accompanied by the rhythmic beating on an empty kerosene can. Later, when the three brothers went to Hong Kong, they sought instruction in the White Crane style of martial arts under Master Kwong Bên-fu. Not only are they martial arts masters but they are also bona fide masters of the Lion Dance.

With great devotion, energy, and enthusiasm, they coach and train their performers in the newest and latest developments of the Lion Dance. The brothers are leaders and contributors in the development and interpretation of new skills and techniques in the Lion Dance.