Ning He Health Center

You will be greeted with a light herbal smell when you step into Ning He Health Center. With the dazzling medicine chests and jars and green plants everywhere, the whole setting will make you feel calm and peaceful, just like the meaning of its Chinese business name.

Ning He was founded in 2015 by Li NingYao, a member of Chinese Wushu Association, the World Chinese Medicine Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, and Zhou ShuFen, a national instructor for Chinese health Qigong and Taichi. The two sweet, extremely caring masters know how to take away your pain through physical treatments and herbs. Also, they are dedicated to making herb powders and plasters with pure Chinese medicinal preparation. These are healthier and easier to use for working professionals.

At Ning He, they don’t just specialize in the clinical uses of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and naprapathy (Tuina) to treat internal and surgical diseases. They also serve as an education center, where you can learn traditional martial arts, Tai Chi, health QiGong, and many more health concepts to help strengthen your organs and bones. You can make a reservation by visiting their website.